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Tortuga Lodge and Gardenscri

Tortuga Lodge and Gardenscri

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Guadeloupe is a group of islands located within the Caribbean Sea. South of Puerto Rico, these islands are overflowing with activities for tourists to enjoy.

Those who like to learn will definitely enjoy the many museums and aquariums available for visiting. At these museums, visitors can learn about the marine life around Guadeloupe. Those who want to see these aquatic animals themselves can scuba dive amongst the islands. The islands form a basin which is the perfect environment for coral to develop. Some well known diving spots are near Basse-Terre and the Cousteau Nature reserve. Speaking of aquatic animals, sport fishing is a popular activity, and tourists can charter boats to do so.

The beaches in Guadeloupe are unique, and have varying colors of sand, from pink to gray and brown, and vary from island to island. Some popular beaches include Salako Beach and Point Tarare. These beaches, of course, have many activities available on them, such as body boarding, kite-surfing and windsurfing.

Guadeloupe is a fantastic place to go on vacation for those looking for an adventure.