Dominican Republic Vacation Rentals (17)

Dominican Republic

Located on the eastern half of the island Hispaniola is the Dominican Republic. Part of the Greater Antilles, this island nation has many adventures scattered across its terrain.

The diving spots here have underwater shipwrecks waiting to be explored. At la Caleta Underwater National Park, visitors can see the well known Hickory and Limon wrecks the complex cave systems that are found here. Other diving sites include Juan Dolio and Ocoa Bay, where the sands are gray. Ocoa Bay is an excellent spot for more advanced divers and with aircrafts wrecks here, there are more places to explore.

The beaches here cater to everyone, with the calm and shallow waters of Playa Guayacanes catering to children, while the Playa Juan Dolio is perfect for body-boarding enthusiasts. Speaking of boarding, windsurfing, kite-surfing, and surfing are some of the more popular sports around this part of town. Expect to see all kinds of boarding enthusiasts around the winter months as the waves are the best.

The Dominican Republic is a great place for boarders of all types to visit, as they will never be disappointed in the challenges this country offers.