Bermuda Vacation Rentals (1)


Bermuda is located over a thousand miles from the eastern coast of the United States. Despite this, the climate in this area is mild and very comfortable. The abundance of rainfall gives way unique vegetation and wildlife that make it a wonderful vacation spot throughout the year.

Car rentals are not available on Bermuda, despite this, exploring the island by foot, bike, and public transportation make the experience much more enjoyable. While here, it is possible to visit the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo, as well as the Bermuda Maritime museum. At these locations, visitors can learn about the wildlife that inhabits the island and the history behind the island’s establishment.

Once all the learning is done, visitors will definitely want to visit the rose-colored beaches on this island. With 75 miles of coastline, tourists will never run out of places to explore. Snorkeling and kayaking are only some of the activities available on shore. There are several secluded beaches along the shores, and the search for them is only part of the adventure.

Bermuda is an alluring island that is guaranteed to captivate any visitors who choose to come to its shores.

Bermuda's Most Popular Beaches