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A Little About Bequia

Within the island chain of the Grenadines is Bequia, the largest of 600 islands. Like many of the other Caribbean islands, it is blessed with powdery white beaches and majestic views of the ocean. This small, 7 square-mile island is a haven for many who choose to visit.

While on Bequia, there are a number of activities to do. One of the most popular activities is diving, as Bequia has some of the best diving in the Caribbean. There are a few diving spots here, such as Bequia Head and the Bullet. Located on the northeastern point of the island, the access here is limited. Despite this and rough sea conditions, it is possible to see some of the most untouched reefs in the Caribbean as well as southern rays and reef sharks peacefully swimming through the area.

Another activity to take part in while on vacation is sailing through the crystal-clear Caribbean waters. Bequia is a wonderful place to visit for yachters as it has a very active and lively yachting community. Sailing is also a popular activity on this island. In fact, Bequia is home to the Bequia Easter Regatta, which has been taking place for almost 20 years.

Bequia is a wonderful place to visit, especially for boating enthusiasts. With pleasant weather throughout the year, visitors will be able to enjoy the sun’s warm rays and clear water..

Admiralty Bay

Found on the western shores of Bequia is Admiralty Bay, locally known as “de Harbour.” This bay in the Grenadines is perfect for boating and other water sports in the Caribbean.

The horseshoe shape of the bay protects it from from the weather and waves. In fact, its shape creates a perfect natural harbor that makes it safe for a variety of different water sports. Many yachts and boats can dock safely in the bay throughout the day. In fact, this bay is a popular stop for yachtsmen around the world. The bay’s crystal clear waters create an inviting atmosphere for swimming, snorkeling and sailing. In fact, boats gather in the spring for the annual Easter Regatta hosted on the island, making it an exciting time for visitors and locals alike. Those who don’t know how to sail can certainly learn or find a charter to take them out. For those who want to venture away from the water, Hamilton Fort to the north of the bay offers visitors a beautiful, panoramic view of the bay and the lush hillsides surrounding it.

Admiralty Bay is a bustling port that makes it perfect for boating enthusiasts and vacationers throughout the year.

Anse de la Chemin

The L’Anse Chemin region is found on the northwestern coast of Bequia in the Grenadines. This area is beautiful and secluded, making it an excellent vacation spot for those who want time away for peace and quiet.

The northwestern area of the island is largely undeveloped and retains much of its natural beauty. Visitors to the area will see the land covered with miles of trees and lush greenery. L’Anse Chemin Bay is no exception, as it is surrounded by this awe-inspiring appearance. However, this bay is fairly difficult to access. Those who want to come to this isolated bay must hike or enlist the help of a dive boat. Once here, visitors can dive or snorkel. Be area that this area is mainly for experienced divers and snorkelers. Those in the area will not be disappointed with what this bay has to offer in scenery and relaxation.

While L’Anse Chemin is far removed from many parts of the island, this should not deter visitors from coming to its shores. Anyone who chooses to come to Bequia who is feeling more than a little adventurous should certainly see this exciting yet peaceful spot on its northwestern shore.

Friendship Bay

Situated on the southern coast of Bequia in the Grenadines is Friendship Bay. This naturally formed bay is a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Friendship Bay has a beautiful hillside surrounding calm waters in its bay. The shape of the bay makes it ideal for those interested in boating or sailing. This particular bay is not as busy as the island’s Admiralty Bay so visitors may have a calming and relaxing experience. The calm waves and gentle winds also create the perfect atmosphere for windsurfing as well. Like many parts of Bequia, diving is a popular activity because of the beautiful reefs that surround the island. Visitors can rent equipment from the local dive shop. The beach of Friendship Bay is very quiet and rarely ever busy, making it great for those who want to stay away from the crowds. Swimming is a great activity here, but some seasons experience high surf, which may be daunting to some visitors.

Friendship Bay is perfect for those who want some privacy and isolation on a beautiful island in the Caribbean.

Hope Bay Found

in the Grenadines on the island of Bequia is Hope Bay. Situated on the island’s eastern shore, this bay is remote and offers unique experiences for visitors to the area.

Getting to the beach may be a little difficult as it involves a short hike. If taking a taxi, be sure to arrange a time for the driver to return as the roadway here is used rarely. The beach itself is fairly secluded and like many of Bequia’s beaches, beautiful. Hope Bay has soft white sand and calm waters that make it perfect for relaxing. Because there are no hotels or other commercial buildings around, visitors can be sure that they will be experiencing the ultimate privacy. The beach itself, however, is quite shallow, but perfect for body-surfing and windsurfing. Those who want to learn about the surrounding marine life can head towards Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. Here, visitors can learn about the sea turtles and what is being done to help them survive in their natural habitat.

Hope Bay is a great place to visit for those who want a piece of privacy on this Caribbean island.

Industry Bay Industry

Bay is found on the eastern coast of Bequia in the Grenadines. This is the beach to head to for those who want a truly unique vacation experience.

This bay on the island’s eastern shore is fairly secluded when compared to bays in the busier parts of the island. Like the other bays, however, Industry Bay is blessed with the exquisite tropical beauty found in many other parts of the island. This quiet bay is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. The gentle waves but constant breeze also makes windsurfing on this side a viable activity. Kayaking along the reef is also another idea for visitors. Because there is hardly any activity around the bay, visitors can expect few crowds and virtually no noise expect for the sounds of the rushing waves. From Industry Bay, visitors can also visit the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. Visitors can learn about these gentle sea creatures and about the efforts made to help these aquatic animals.

This secluded beach on the island’s eastern shore is tranquil environment to spend any day while on a Caribbean vacation.

Lower Bay

Found on the western coast of Bequia in the Grenadines is Lower Bay. This bay is one of the most popular spots to visit while vacationing on this beautiful Caribbean island.

Although this bay is one of the island’s most popular spots, visitors will not have to worry about it being too crowded. Aside from onshore amenities like bars and restaurants, visitors have many watersports to choose from while on this shore. Visitors can find charters to take them out sailing, diving, or sports fishing. In fact, there are many kinds of fish that visitors can catch, such as kingfish, tuna and barracuda. There are also charters that can take visitors to the region to neighboring cays. A popular spot to visit are the Tobago Cays. These cays are in the southern part of the Grenadines and are an exciting diving site. Another popular activity is windsurfing as the bay receives many gentle waves that are perfect for this sport. Visitors to this area can also kayak, swim and snorkel in the beautiful bay.

The Lower Bay of Bequia is an exciting place to begin any water adventure.

Moonhole Bay

Moonhole Bay is found on the southern tip of Bequia in the Grenadines. This beautiful region offers privacy and seclusion to visitors who choose to stay in this wonderful area.

The natural arch formation that the moon shines through is what gives this area its name. Aside from this unique landmark, the area is surrounded by lush greenery and has beautiful white sand that compliments the aquamarine water. Activities around the bay include snorkeling, diving, swimming, and visiting the neighboring islands. These include the Tobago Cays, which offer excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities around some of Grenadines’ uninhabited islands. Visitors can also arrange a charter to visit St. Vincent’s, an island with a beautiful botanical garden and an active volcano. Near Moonhole, is Athneal Olliviere’s whaling museum, a spot where visitors can learn about the island’s eponymous harpooner. Moonhole Bay may be on its own corner of the island, but it still has access to the island’s hotspots, such as Admiralty Bay, Friendship Bay, and Port Elizabeth.

Visitors to Moonhole Bay will not be disappointed with the array of activities available.

Paget Farm

Situated on the southernmost reaches of Bequia is Paget Farm. This village in the Grenadines is a quiet retreat from everyday life.

Paget Farm is a small fishing village situated near one of Bequia’s airports. Despite much of the island’s development, this region has retained much of its rural charm. In fact, it hasn’t changed much in comparison to other spots like Port Elizabeth. From here, visitors can access Banana Patch Studios, where local artist display and create their work. There is also a small whaling museum nearby, and it is named after Athneal Olliviere, a legendary harpooner. There is still a small whaling population in the area, and visitors can arrange a trip to Petit Nevis, site of a local whaling station to learn more about this tradition. Paget Farm is fairly close to popular beach spots on Bequia, most notably Moonhole Bay and Friendship Bay. These bays offer swimming, snorkeling and diving as some of the many water sports.

The quiet and charming Paget Farm is the perfect place to be if interested in the history of Bequia and the Grenadines.

Park Bay

Found on the western shore of Bequia is Park Bay. This small area in the Grenadines provides comfort and isolation as well as accessibility and convenience.

While Park Bay is situated closer to the western coast of Bequia, it is only a short drive away from the island’s main town of Port Elizabeth. Park Bay, however, is surrounded by a vast expanse of greenery and is privy to a beautiful ocean view from the top of the nearby hills. Hiking and mountain-biking around these mountains is the perfect activity for those who want to be surrounded by the greenery. The waters of Park Bay are extremely clear for snorkeling, so visitors to the area can observe the beautiful coral and marine life in the area. The nearby Industry Bay and Sal Bay also offer excellent snorkeling spots. There are also a number of hidden coves and dive sites.

Park Bay is a wonderful and quiet retreat away from the busy streets of other towns. At this location, visitors will be able to access the bustling towns and still have a retreat in the quiet landscape of Bequia.

Port Elizabeth

Found on the western coast of Bequia in the Grenadines is its capital, Port Elizabeth. This exciting and captivating seaside town is a hub of activity on this Caribbean Island.

Port Elizabeth is a wonderful port town bustling with activity throughout the week. This town has its own harbor so boat and yacht owners can dock here, so long as owners receive clearing. From Port Elizabeth, visitors can find charters to take them diving, sailing, scuba-diving, and to other islands. Charters go to St. Vincent, a neighboring island with a beautifully kept botanical garden as well as an active volcano, as well as the Tobago Cays, uninhabited islands that are perfect for diving and snorkeling. Accessible from Port Elizabeth is Admiralty Bay, where the Easter Regatta is hosted annually. Visitors can also swim and kayak in this region bay. Other nearby spots include Friendship Bay and Paget Farm.

Visitors to Bequia will certainly enjoy this charming and beautiful port town. Surrounded by green hillsides and crystal clear water, Port Elizabeth is the perfect place to be to spend a Caribbean vacation.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret Beach is found on the western shore of Bequia. Just outside of the island’s main city, Port Elizabeth, this beach promises to be a relaxing retreat in the Caribbean.

This beach is just a short drive south of Port Elizabeth, and gained its name from the eponymous princess who swam in its waters. The beach can be accessed by car or water taxi, and is well worth the visit . The water here is an intense turquoise blue and the sand is white and powdery. While here, visitors can safely swim as the natural shape of the bay protects it from giant waves. Because the water is so clear and gentle, sailing and snorkeling other great activities to take part in. The nearby Friendship Bay and Admiralty Bay are also great for swimming and sailing. In fact, Admiralty Bay hosts an Easter Regatta annually.

With gentle breezes, cool waters, and fine sand, Princess Margaret Beach is a trip away from the charming town of Port Elizabeth. Visitors will be pleased with its proximity to many of the island’s hot spots and the relaxing atmosphere it offers.