Guanaja Vacation Rentals

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Guanaja Vacation Rentals

Found in Honduras is the Bay Islands, a group of islands north of the continent. One of the main islands is Guanaja, the easternmost of the group, which offers visitors beautiful beaches and reefs to explore.

Guanaja has been nicknamed the “Island of the Pines” for the vast population of conifers that dot the landscape. Visitors can choose to hike on this island, as Michael Rock Peak is the highest point in the bay islands, and view the Caribbean Sea from above. The water, however, has its own set of excitement. There are more than 20 different dive sites scattered around the island, giving avid divers all kinds of challenges and creatures to see. Some popular spots include Black Rock Canyon, where shark and barracuda can be found in the crevices, Vertigo, a barrier reef with spectacular sea creatures, and Mestizo Reef, which has submerged statues of Christopher Columbus and Lempira, an Indian chief. Other popular activities in this Bay Island are fishing and snorkeling.

Guanaja is the perfect place for diving enthusiasts to vacation in the Bay Islands. No matter what part of the island is visited, visitors can expect to find great activities on its shores.