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About Bay Islands

The Bay Islands are part of Honduras, a South American country. It consists of three main islands, Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. Each of these islands has unique personalities and features that make this island destination the place to be.

Roatan is perhaps the most popular of the three islands, and has retained much of its original landscape. While it is the most developed of the three, it has also been said it is the closest to the nature of the islands before commercialization took over. From scuba diving to kayaking, visitors will find a number of activities to take part in while on vacation here.

In contrast to Roatan, Utila is mostly flat, and is accessible by small aircraft or ferryboat. Much of the activity in this island can be found in East Harbour, and visitors can often be seen renting bikes to explore this area. Utila is best known for its affordable scuba-diving certification training. Despite the price, the training is excellent, and so is the area around it, as whale sharks, peaceful reef feeders, can be seen while diving around the shore.

Guanaja is the last of the islands, and caters to diving enthusiasts. It is surrounded by an extensive coral reef that makes it perfect for visiting on warm, sunny days.

Each of the Bay Islands caters to various types of travelers, and visitors can rest, knowing that they will never run out of adventures on this set of islands.

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