Barbados Vacation Rentals (8)

About Barbados

Barbados is perhaps the easternmost island in the Caribbean region. Part of the Lesser Antilles, this island is close to a number of other islands in the region. This beautiful island has many cultural influences and is full of beautiful, tropical wildlife that perfectly accentuates the wonderful ocean lifestyle that has influenced much of the culture.

The warm weather that blesses this island throughout the year allows visitors access to its beaches. The beaches here are like many in the Caribbean, adorned with powdery white sand, and beautiful clear water. Activities are endless on the waters of this nation. The tranquil waters here make the ideal conditions for waterskiing and parasailing. The southern shore of this island is perfect for windsurfing and kite-surfing, especially between the months of December and March. Surfing is another popular activity in Barbados, and St. Joseph, home to the Soup Bowl, is the prime location for many of the local, and international, surfing events.

Barbados is a popular tourist destination for everything from weddings to relaxation and aquatic adventures for the bold.

The official Barbados travel bureau site may be found here.