Eleuthera Vacation Rentals (18)


Eleuthera is found on the eastern reaches of the Bahamas.

The name of the island translates to “freedom” in Greek, and visitors will certainly have a feel of that while spending time in this part of the Bahamas. This island is thought to have some of the Bahamas best beaches because of the privacy and beauty that each offers. Some of these beaches include Lighthouse Beach, Savannah Sound Beach and Current Bay Beach. Eleuthera is also home to its own pink sand beach on the neighboring cay of Harbor Island. This beach is three miles long and features soft pink sand. Also close to Eleuthera are the Spanish Wells, where sailors once refilled depleted freshwater supplies. It’s off this cay that fishing and diving are popular activities to take part in. In fact, this particular cay is the largest supplier of crawfish in the Bahamas. Glass Window Bridge is a must-see while on this island. This bridge replaces a natural rock bridge that once occupied the area, and here visitors can see the contrast between the calm Caribbean Sea and swirling Atlantic waters.

Eleuthera lives up to its name with the waters expressing the beautifully untamed nature of the surrounding seas.