Bahamas Vacation Rentals (44)

A Little About Bahamas

Located southeast of Florida is the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, more specifically known as the Bahamas. This country consists of 29 islands, each with access to their own set of fun, water-based activities.

The warm, tropical weather makes any island in the Bahamas a fantastic place to visit. Of course, this makes the beaches here perfect for sitting in the sun and enjoying a cool drink. On Harbour Island, visitors can find some of the best beaches in the world. In fact, many great beaches are found in the Bahamas, one of which is Harbour Beach, which is ranked one of ten of the best beaches in the world. Surfer’s Beach, has actually been ranked number two, on a list of the best surfing conditions. There is even a pink sand beach that calls this island home.

Activities in the water range from exploring one of 25 diving destinations, each preserved diligently by the government and people of the Bahamas. While diving, there are opportunities to feed the reef sharks, an experience that is unrivaled by anything in the world. Above water, visitors could go on a charter boat for fishing, kayak, windsurf, and even kite-board.

Land or sea, the islands in the Bahamas are home to a number of adventures waiting to happen.

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