Antigua and Barbuda Vacation Rentals (8)

A Little About Antigua and Barbuda

This small nation is located very close to the eastern-most boundaries of the Caribbean Sea. While it only consists of two islands, it is chock-full of adventure and excitement for those looking a beautiful and exciting island adventure. This country is home to the English Harbor, the only Georgian dockyard in the world.

The beaches in the Caribbean are fantastic, and the beaches of Antigua and Barbuda are no different. Between these two islands, there are 365 beaches stretched across the islands’ perimeters, each with their own array of fun water activities. Antigua’s northwestern shore is perfect for those looking for the resort experience. Galley Bay on this shore attracts many surfers during the winter months. The southern shore is home to quieter and more secluded beaches, perfect for relaxing.

The beaches in Barbuda have rougher water, making it much more dangerous for swimming, but the white and pink sand beaches on its shores make it perfect for beachcombing. The reefs that surround both islands make snorkeling and diving around the islands a unique experience, as the water is warm and clear.

Antigua and Barbuda have many adventures waiting on their shores, and with two islands to choose from, a vacation here will not disappoint.