Ontario Vacation Rentals (3)


Located near the center of Canada is the province of Ontario, which is bordered by the Great Lakes in the south. In fact, the name Ontario was derived from a Huron word which meant “great lake.” While the province takes its name from the eponymous lake, the province itself is home to more that 200,000 lakes.

While in Ontario, it is possible to visit the Niagara Falls that also border New York State. Another popular activity is taking the old fashioned, Maid of the Mist Steamboat to the falls. Another popular spot to visit is the Rideau Canal which attracts many boats and people towards the summer months. Paddling and fishing in this canal or in the connected lakes is a popular activity with many visitors. Some of the Great Lakes, such as Lake Superior, are accessible from Ontario, giving guests more ways to enjoy the water. Swimming and boating are popular here during the summer, while in the winter ice fishing is a common activity.

Ontario is as beautiful as the neighboring provinces, but the 200,000 lakes that are scattered around the province offer twice as many opportunities for aquatic fun.