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New Brunswick

Located on the Atlantic coast of Canada is the province of New Brunswick. While considerably smaller than the other Canadian provinces, it is full of life and activities that will satiate any restless traveler.

Some popular on-land activities in New Brunswick include riding ATVs, biking, and caving. Those who want to enjoy the outdoors in its entirety can go camping in this beautiful region. While camping, visitors may want to go canoeing or kayaking along the freshwater inlets or along the coast. There are tons of beaches in New Brunswick, both freshwater and saltwater, where visitors can enjoy kitesurfing and swimming. Whale watching is available at some beaches too, given the right season.

One place to check out would definitely be the Bay of Fundy, where there are unsual sandstone formations that have been sculpted by the tides. On top of that, visitors can find the highest tides of the world at this very spot. The tides here can reach a height of up to 4 stories tall.

New Brunswick is a wonderful place to visit for those who like natural and all its wonders.