British Columbia Vacation Rentals (4)

British Columbia

On the northwestern Pacific Coast is the Canadian province of British Columbia. This beautiful province is home to Vancouver, one of Canada’s most exciting cities. Amidst the snow-capped mountains, bustling cities and lush forests are adventures waiting to happen.

Found across British Columbia are multitudes of outdoor activities such as golfing and hiking. When it comes to the water, however, there are tons of different sights to see while enjoying some popular activities. Visitors can kayak or canoe around the many lakes that dot the landscape or the ocean inlets found along the coast, visitors may be able to see some fascinating creatures such as the orca whales or jumping fish while on the Gulf Islands. For the more daring, there is whitewater kayaking available. Those who enjoy boating will be delighted with the many marinas that dot the coast. With a boat handy, visitors could see some of British Columbia’s best features from a new perspective, amplifying their experience.

British Columbia is full of adventure and wonder that visitors will not know where to start; but once they do, they will never want to stop.