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Cane Garden Long Bay and Brewers Bay

Tortola, like Virgin Gorda, is primarily a beach and watersport destination. IT offers many wonderful private villas with private swimming pools that are nestled on the mountainsides high above the sea. An excellent choice for the more independent travelers as full staff is generally not included-although cooks are available for hire. Most of our villas on Tortola are located hillside providing extremely private settings overlooking dramatic ribbons of islets and cays and white sands beyond.

As with Virgin Gorda, Tortola is an excellent choice for those seeking quiet beaches and sailing as well as peace and quiet…Visitors with more on their agenda than those simple but idyllic pleasures will be disappointed as the island lacks golf, major nightlife and any major shopping.

Tortola excels at offering a quiet and stress free atmosphere…Indeed; it does not take long after arrival to feel the stress melt away as visitors attune to the slower pace of life and relaxed friendliness.

Tortola is known for its glistening white sand beaches and small, protected coves. One of our personal favorites is Smugglers Cove located on the West End (the road is unpaved but passable) and offers exceptional snorkeling. Along the north shore of the island, there is a string of superb beaches which include Long Bay (a magnificent mile long stretch of sand), Apple Bay for surfing (and home of the famous Bomba Shack), Cane Garden Bay which is a magnificent palm lined sandy beach and has a great local bar and watersports as well, Brewer’s Bay with good snorkeling, Josiah’s’ Bay as well as Elizabeth Beach.

Both Smuggler’s Cove and Cane Garden Bay beaches offer reefs that touch the edge of their shores and extending outward several hundred yards, making them exceptional snorkeling spots for t

Visitors to Tortola during the full moon are known to frequent the famous “Bomba’s Surfside Shack” at Apple Bay. Bomba’s is one of the most famous beach bars in the entire Caribbean and offers casual but sometimes wild/over the top fun.

Sailing is the most popular activity in the British Virgin Islands and day sails to neighboring islands are easily arranged and there is a vast array of boats and trips to choose from. Snorkeling in the clear and calm waters is popular as well.

Visitors return to Tortola for savoring exceptional down-island views and passing sailboats, sea breezes, glorious beaches and quiet seclusion.