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Salomon Honeymoon

Salomon & Honeymoon

Both Salomon & Honeymoon are small and enchanting beaches with soft white sand, crystal clear waters and great snorkeling. There is no road access so they are usually uncrowded as they must be hiked to or reached by boat.

To get to the beach, you can either take the LIND POINT TRAIL from Cruz Bay, in the parking area at the National Park Service Visitors Center or for those with cars drive along the North Shore Road (Route 20) past Mongoose Junction and up the hill where you will gain acess via a downhill path that leads from the North Shore Road, beside the sign for the Virgin Islands National Park Biosphere Reserve. Take the CANEEL HILL SPUR TRAIL north and downhill to reach Honeymoon Bay. For a shorter hike to Salomon Bay walk to the end of the paved road where you will find a short spur trail which leads to the LIND POINT TRAIL. Turn right when you get to the Lind Point Trail, and then left and down Salomon Bay Spur Trail to the beach.

Narrow, crescent shaped Salomon Beach is the island's unofficial nudist beach and there will often be nude sunbathers. Salomon has no facilities such as lifeguards, showers or bathrooms but the powder-white sands and great snorkeling around the reef makes the hike worthwhile.

Only several feet and a large boulder away from Salomon's is Honeymoon, a small and enchanting spot under the palms at the base of the trail leading from Cruz Bay town, up to a beautiful panoramic vista, and back down again to Salomon's Bay. 

The beaches are similar in terms of beach access, sand colors and clarity of water. These are both excellent beaches for beginning snorkelers. The reef between Salomon and Honeymoon is the best, easily accessible snorkeling reef on the north shore. Because much of the reef lies in calm, shallow water with some sections rising above the water lin at times of low tides, you must be very careful not to touch the coral with your body or your fins.

Whether you visit either beach or both you will be delighted by the sands, clear waters and wonderful views.

Swimming: Calm
Beachside: Soft, White Sand 
Food/Refreshments: No
Water Sports Center: No 
Accessibility: Walking Trail
Snorkeling: No
Amenities: None
Child Friendly: Yes