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Hawknest Beach


Hawknest Beach

Hawknest beach is popular among locals, and is often crowded on weekends. Gorgeous white sand stretches from the beach into the water for easy access. Hawknest is smaller and quieter than neighboring Trunk Bay. Like all the beaches on St. John, the water is crystal-clear; tropical greenery provides a beautiful backdrop, and the snorkeling is good.

Hawknest is lined with sea grape trees and there are several small coves that provide seclusion. This is a lovely setting with good facilities, including restrooms, cooking grills, and a covered shed for picnics and a break from the sun.

The beach has three distinct coral formations that run out from the shore, with sandy channels between. Here, large shoals of fish and squid can be seen. On the west side of the beach at the rocky point, that is part of the Caneel Bay Resort, there is a terrific reef. Be careful though, as there are tricky currents near the point and an increase in boat raffic.

Park your car or jump out of a cab and walk no more than twenty yards through palm trees to your perfect blanket laying spot.  Probably the best beach to access for anyone with physical conditions.

Swimming: Calm
Beachside: Soft, White Sand 
Food/Refreshments: No
Water Sports Center: No 
Snorkeling: Decent
Amenities: Covered Shed, benches
Child Friendly: Yes