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Port Royal Cove

Port Royal Cove (South Shore Park off South Road)

This is one of the smaller beaches along Bermuda's famous South Shore, hence its nickname of Baby Beach. Extremely popular with locals and visitors alike there's a nice, but limited, expanse of sand, that gets quite crowded at times, and a deep-water pool where you can leap from the rocks.

The surrounding waters and rocky outcrops are ideal for snorkeling although the waters can get quite choppy at times.

The sand is fine and pink, as is most of the sand along the South Shore; the waters are crystal clear, and the scenery surrounding the little beach is a photographer's dream.

This is one beach that is particularly recommended for children. It's a wonderful place to teach kids how to swim and for fish exploring.

Port Royal Cove is next to the western end of famous Horseshoe Bay.

At the Beach House in Port Royal Cove you can buy snacks and rent equipment.