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Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay (South Shore Park, South Road)

This is Bermuda's most famous beach and it has everything you would expect of a "Bermudian" beach: clear water, a semi-crescent of pink sand, a vibrant social scene, enclosed on each end by cliffs of Aeolian limestone and the uncluttered backdrop of South Shore Park.

This is perhaps Bermuda's most popular and populated beach on the islands. Don't expect a quiet afternoon in the sun. Even on weekdays you will find it crowded and on weekends it can be quite overwhelming.

But there's good reason: it's one of the most picturesque spots on the islands and the most photographed. Horseshoe Bay is the first of a long line of beaches that stretches eastward for more than four miles. And yes, you can make the walk if you're the energetic type.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is aptly named for its shape, which provides shelter from the ocean breezes, and allows the fine, pink sand to settle in the Bay. The water's clarity and shades of aquamarine blue are out of this world. As for the sand, it's pink. It's also very fine, which is why the beach is a favorite for locals who love jogging or walking in the early morning or the evening.

Horseshoe Bay is a must-see for anyone visiting Bermuda. It's on the bus route (they run every 20 minutes or so). Leave the bus stop and make your way down the driveway into the park. Once there, you'll see the beach stretching away for about a quarter-mile.

The ends of Horeshoe Bay are enclosed by high limestone cliffs, the sand is a pale pink, and the water is clear and blue. Early morning is the best time to visit: it's less crowded then, and you can walk the sandy stretches uninterrupted by crowds of sunbathers. During low tide, walk east along the sand dunes to the beautiful, secluded, private coves at the far end and enjoy.

Snorkelers will find the waters, just offshore, among the rocks wonderful but you'll need to be a strong swimmer as the swells are quite strong. Under the waves expect to see all sorts of colorful life, such as parrotfish, angels, sergeant majors, snapper and many others.

While at the beach, take time out for a light refreshment at the Horseshoe Bay Beach House. They serve great sandwiches and long, cool drinks. Restrooms are available and the park is wheelchair-accessible.

Snorkelling equipment, umbrellas, chairs, towels, airmattresses, etc. are all available for rent.
Food and drink are available from the restaurant located at the entrance to the beach.
Lifeguards on duty from May to September
Note: alcohol is permitted to be consumed on the beach but is not sold there. Other facilities include bathrooms, lockers and showers.
Wheelchair Accessible

Locals Tip:
Horseshoe can get crowded at the entrance however the eastern end is usually less so. A walk along the sand dunes east will reward you with beautiful, private and sheltered sandy coves. Do not forget your sunblock!