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Chaplin Bay

Chaplin Bay

At the southern extremity of South Shore Park, straddling the boundary of two parishes, this small but secluded beach completely disappears during storms and at high tide.

Chaplin Bay is a small, secluded beach located at the east end of Horseshoe bay. It's romantic here as the bay boasts crystal clear turquoise waters, accented by a pink sand beach that is framed by towering rock formations.

If you mind which Parish you are in, pick a spot toward the western end and you will be in Southampton Parish. Walk to the eastern end, and you're in Warwick. An open-air coral barrier partially separates one half of the beach from the other.

Chaplin's Bay is a favorite with locals. It offers more seclusion in the summer months as in January the red flag often goes up because it becomes the venue for the Bermuda Regiment's shooting practice.

Chaplin Bay has majestic rock formations, lively surfing conditions, and an isolated location that is perfect for romance as well as for catching rays. Chaplin Bay lures many newlyweds with its clear aqua waters and its small cove surrounded by rocky cliffs. The surroundings are serene and make for great privacy and quiet reading . For water lovers, snorkelling is great here and you can experience true peace of mind being among the fish.

Chaplin Bay also offers opportunities for rock climbing, though there is no need to climb the rocks to enjoy the incredible views.This a postercard perfect location.