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Gentle Annie Bay

Gentle Annie BayGentle Annie is the first beach of a stretch of many miles of uninhabited coastline. The surrounding land is forested with unmodified native 'bush' and is the home of many ancient trees with miriads of epiphytes and other niche plants. Consequently the rivers bring whole trees and fragments of the inland native timbers to the beaches where they are tumbled in the pounding surf of the Tasman Sea. Likewise, hard igneous minerals are deposited on the beach and tumbled till smooth. This makes the beaches a fossickers paradise and hours can be spent beachcombing for wood sculptures and polished gem stones.

Space and uninhibited freedom is the feeling here and our property being the only private land bordering this coastline you are able to go anywhere that you wish. Gentle Annie has a resident population of Hectors Dolphins. This species has the distinction of being the worlds smallest and most endangered dolphin with just two thousand members. These can often be seen from the beach or cliff tops, surfing the waves or you may meet up with a Fir seal sunning itself on the sand while many species of birds pass through or waddle the beach.

FAMILY FRIENDLYA great spot for a family to share the activities that are provided in a natural environment. THE WATERUsually pristine rain water, stream water during rare times of drought. Always potable. THE SAND Varies from place to place on the beach but plenty of it. ATMOSPHEREInformality, peaceful, relaxing and happy. THE BEST AND WORST The Natural environment
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