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Rockaway Beach

A small beach town with a beautiful 7 mile stretch of beach that isn't commercialized. Isn't that what the heart of a true beach lover longs for?

For those looking for an old fashioned beach town, Rockaway Beach, located next to the beautiful Pacific Ocean on US Highway 101, is the place. No fast food chains, factory malls or exotic designer stores mark the streets here. What you will find is a quaint beach town, with rustic cottages and shops, and seven miles of pristine coastline.

If you like long stretches of sand then this place will touch your soul. The only rock structures here are the Twin Rocks, that set the mood for ocean viewing as you look out onto the Pacific. This is one of those coastal towns just waiting to be discovered. Meanwhile, if you want a relaxing weekend or family vacation enjoying the ocean and walks along the surf then visit Rockaway.

Rockaway's Chamber of Commerce says that Rockaway has "a 7 mile stretch of beautiful beach that Hawaii would die for!" There is something special about a place where you can walk on the beach alone for 7 miles. You will discover, "long, sandy beaches that are uncluttered by litter or people, and the peacefulness one yearns for when going to the coast."

Rockaway Beach has "one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world," as well as a small town atmosphere with restaurants, unique gift shops, and antique merchants.  The people who live here are friendly, helpful and welcome visitors to enjoy Rockaway Beach, it's shops, restaurants, and miles of sandy beaches. With over 300 motel rooms, Rockaway Beach is the perfect place for a weekend, or vacation get-a-way."
"Did you know that every 6th or 7th wave is called a sneaker wave. We would walk out to the water and spend hours running from the waves. The sneaker wave will chase you all the way back up the beach. It is hilarious. In Rockaway there is a really neat shop called "Slim Jims'. They have every souvenir you can think of. I drag home seagull statues every time I go there. Then right up the coast line is the Tilamook Cheese factory. It is a beautiful drive. You can tour the cheese factory for free. It is amazing."

Rose Ann
A Visitor to Rockaway

The Best of Rockaway Beach

Best of Rockaway - One of the most family oriented towns on the North Oregon Coast.

Best - Kite Flying

Best Restaurant - Let us know what you think?

Worst - if you are looking for an exciting city beach town, you won't enjoy your stay.
Family Vacations - This is one of the most family oriented towns on the North Oregon Coast. Kids will spend hours playing in the sand on the beach or they may want to visit a creek by the wayside which is a safe place in the Summer for children to build their sand castles and wade in the water.

The Water - a rugged coastline with beautiful water and surf.

Non Beach Fun - Rockaway's little downtown has a new brick sidewalk and some interesting shops. Stop here for some beach toys, antiques or sip an espresso. Visit the Chamber of Commerce in the red caboose to pick up a tide table or obtain some local insights.

The Sand - walk the beach for miles without seeing another person.

The Atmosphere - Rockaway Beach, has been called "The Best Kept Secret" on the Oregon Coast. As 4BeachNuts, this is our kind of town, and we were somewhat reluctant to even review it. Often uncrowded, Rockaway beach attracts those who love the sand and pounding surf.