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Copacabana Baeach Rio de JaneiroRio is absolutely spectacular. The geography of the beaches, the hills, and the famous granite mountains is pretty amazing. No other city in the world can match the natural beauty of Rio with its dazzling beaches, majestic mountains, architectural charm, and intoxicating culture.

Situated on the Tropic of Capricorn, the city is lush and has a pleasant tropical climate with near-perfect weather throughout the year. It is a modern, cosmopolitan city where visitors immediately feel at home. Rio is located in the south-east of Brazil, the country's most developed region and 32 per cent of Brazil's population live within a 300-mile (500-kilometre) radius of the city.

In Rio lies Copacabana, the world's most exciting beach. The beach with its mountain backdrops is like no other. Its a place you won't get tired of. One can only describe the beach as "hectic splendor" with endless round the clock volleyball games, swimming, jogging, tanning, roller blading, coconut juice vendors, splendid looking bodies, beachfront cafes, hotels, skyscraping condos and an international ambiance.

Going to the beach is a major program in Rio, appreciated by most "cariocas" (a local from Rio). The beach is not only a place for swimming or sun-bathing but a place for meeting friends and for playing sports. In Rio, people go to the beach even in winter and in cloudy days and many stay there into the evenings.

Walk away from the beach and you will find bustling shopping, cyber cafes, grocery stores, drug stores, flower stores, hotels, espresso stands, shopping centers, department stores, chic clothing stores and more.  Past that you will enter peaceful tree lined streets of private residences, homes and condos.  

You wont get bored here as when you are tired of the beach there is endless pleasure in wandering through the streets, eating at it's cafes, relaxing at espresso bars and enjoying the Copacabana ambiance.

The Brazilian songwriter Antonio Carlos Jobim made the statement that there won't be equality in the world until everyone gets to live in Copacabana.  Few places match the excitement of Copacabana.  Just walking down the street is an adventure.  

If eleven million Cariocas aren't enough company for you, join the millions of tourists who visit Rio de Janeiro for fun and sun.  Restaurants, clubs, shows, tours, beach events, dancing and enjoying the good life is a big part of life for Cariocas as well as the endless stream of tourists that visit Copacabana each year.

There is always something to do and see in Rio. The Cariocas are a fun-loving people who know how to live. There is no end of entertainment, including opera, ballet, soccer, samba, theater, countless movie houses, good jazz, great eats, surfing, diving, rock climbing, hang gliding, biking, jogging and living the good life in general, all without ever having to leave the city.  

Tips and Advice:

In Rio there are no charges for visitng the beaches restricting its use is prohibited. There are no hotels with private beaches. Some places have facilities such as public phones ("orelhões" - "big ears") in the sand. Along the shore there are numbered Life Guard stands, in which there are toilets and showers open from 08:00am to 8:00 pm.

People use bathing suits of different shapes and sizes. Male bathing suits (called generically "calção") vary basically in size, from small "sungas" to long "bermudas" like the ones used by surfers.

Female suits have a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours, varying from one-piece bathing-suits to bikinis that, as time goes by and fashion changes receive names as different as "tanga" (thong), "sunquini" (sunkini), "asa-delta" (delta-wing), "fio-dental" (dental-floss) and even "cepacol" (very small bikinis ironically named after a product for cleaning teeth because, according to its ads, it reaches places not reached by a dental-floss ;-).

There are neither nude beaches nor topless beaches. Topless is allowed in any beach, but it's very rare. Small bikinis are more popular than going nude.