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Compo Beach

Compo Beach Long Island SoundAbout a mile long, Compo Beach is located on the Long Island Sound at the mouth of the Saugatuck River. With its beautiful  view of the Sound, Compo Beach is a particularly romantic place at night. Because it is one of the few public beaches in the area, it attracts thousands of visitors during the summer. For those who prefer solitude, it  is a wonderful spot to visit during  winter when it is almost deserted  and you can immerse yourself in the sights, smells and sounds of the place.

Compo Beach (meaning bear's fishing ground) was named by the Native Americans  who originally settled the region.  
Compo Beach was the site of the British landing in 1779 when the British marched north to Danbury

Compo Beach is the largest beach in Westport. It has a bath house, volleyball nets, picnic tables, cooking grills,  skateboard park,  marina, and a Leathers playground, i.e.  a playground with play equipment that was  designed according to the suggestions of the neighborhood children.

Compo Beach is the town's  main beach area. It has a  playground, picnic tables and cooking grills, food concessions, basketball courts, skate park, town marina, and boat launching facilities.  

Local history says that the  two five-ton, muzzle-loading, iron cannons on the beach date from  1800 and, along with the statue of a Minuteman, these commemorate a skirmish that took place here between British soldiers and the Colonial Militia during the Revolutionary War.


Just 47 miles from New York City and easily accessible by express train service from its two train stations, affluent and artistic Westport has many upscale boutiques and restaurants. Its downtown shopping center has all of the famous name stores,  hence it is known as the "Rodeo Drive of Connecticut".  

Indian tribes and early settlers  have left their mark on today's Westport through the place names in the town:e.g. the Saugatuck and Aspetuck Rivers, Compo Beach,  Greens Farms, Coleytown, and the King's Highway Historic District. In the early days, onion farmers and mill owners navigated the rivers that flowed into the Long Island Sound and as a result, Westport became the home of many seafarers.

Westport was formally  established in 1835. In the 1920's, it attracted a colony of writers, artists and actors. Today, Westport is a cosmopolitan waterfront town bustling with energy.

Things To Do:
the River Walk
great restaurants and shops
vening concerts at the Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts
Westport Country Playhouse presents summer stock productions
Museum of Westport    
Get a Tan
Immerse yourself in the Long Island Sound
Play Volleyball