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Long Beach

A mile plus long cove with only a handful of houses and a restaurant called "Chill Out". A large coral reef is only a breast stroke away and the sea really is aqua colored.

This is a beach meant for people who genuinely appreciate earthly beauty. Most tourists stay at resorts and hotels here, but if you opt for an oceanfront beach rental,(cheaper than ANY all inclusive)it's like owning your own private beach. I stayed there for one week and never saw a single tourist! I swear!!

The lobster is insanely cheap, you could have a private cook (recommended)for a small tip, but the best experience is that of the Rasta philosophy. People are so unbelievably friendly, it could make you cry.

The sand on Long Bay is like flower and the water is exquisite and crystal clear. A river runs to this beach and if you find the right local to show you where it is, it's pretty neat.

The overall atmosphere is extremely laid back, not American laid back either, TRULY relaxed, good, positive vibes

Long Bay is perfect for budget travelers seeking leisure in a place that's untouched by mass tourism.

If you go to Jamaica, it's better to stay in a place like this than any five star resort. You get a truly cultural experience here.

The Best & Worst

You can make true friends with the locals
At times, you can be the only tourist on the beach
At most times, you are the only person on the beach

The people are poor.
Having to leave

Things to Do

  • Reach Falls, A beautiful waterfall in the jungle
  • Reggae music blasting from the clubs
  • Rio Grande Raft Trip, A tour on a bamboo raft made for two. Very romantic
  • Hanging out with the locals
  • Jerk Chicken


  • Fishing with locals
  • The ONLY Surfing in Jamaica
  • Snorkeling
  • Boogie Boarding
  • You can afford to eat lobster everyday

The nearest large town is Port Antonio (14mi). Port Antonio is easily reached by commuter flights from Kingston or Montego Bay. You can also drive directly to Long Bay via the scenic Coast Road from Kingston's Manley Airport (2 hours, 66mi). Rental cars are available at the airport (be sure to reserve and confirm in advance). The road is quite good and you do not have to go through the city of Kingston. Government regulated (JUTA) taxis are also available at the airport.