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Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates, is an island of tropical beauty, wonderful beaches and 2 thousand years of history.

Nature has been generous to Kos, endowing it with beauty and gifting it with golden beaches and gorgeous seas. The island is both lush and fertile, with an abundance of springs and streams. With all these attributes, Kos has developed into a cosmopolitan resort island, with a thriving tourist industry. Kos is easy to get to whether by boat or by plane.

The beaches on Kos, some of which have black volcanic sand, are some of the most beautiful in the Greek isles. For history buffs, most places of historical and significance lie within the main town of the same name, and its immediate surroundings, and can be visited easily on foot or by hiring a bicycle

Kos is a small island though what it lacks in size, it makes up for in energy. Kos has three major resorts, including the lively town of Kardamena, the quieter Kefalos in the south of the island, and expensive Kos Town.

KOS Town

Kos-Town is the place where there is a lot to see and to do. During the day you can stroll along the old city, along the many excavations and visit the museum or simply chill out at the beach. In the evening you can have a lovely meal at one of the many restaurants. Kos-town is situated in a verdant district on the north-east of the island, on an open bay. Around the port you can still see the ruins of the ancient city and the castle, built between 1450 and 1478 after the Knights of St. John took over the island.

Excavations in the ancient city brought to light building foundations of the Classical era and of Hellenistic and Roman times (the Gymnasium, Odeon, Roman baths, a Roman mansion with beautiful mosaics). Also were found sections of wall from the Classical period, the foundations of a temple of Aphrodite and another temple, probably dedicated to Heracles.

The rest of the town is modern and well laid out, with contemporary buildings, hotels and avenues lined with palm trees. In a lush area 4 kilometers west of town, you'll find the Asklepieion (Asklipiio) or Sanctuary of Asklepios. Its buildings, owing to the slope of the site, stand on four different terraces united by a marble staircase. The view from the highest one is stunning.

The most important structure is the temple of Asklepios, a Doric temple erected in the 2nd century B.C. Other buildings include the Stoa (Colonnade), which housed Hippocrates' medical school and the Bomos or Great Altar (3rd century B.C.), which was decorated with sculptures attributed to the son of Praxiteles.

Kos has a booming tourist trade so if you are looking for a quiet island, you may want to visit some of the others. Kos is tourism of the packaged kind and you either love it or hate it. Kos lives for the Summer and apparently goes into hibernation once the last charter jet has left. It is nonetheless an attractive place with some great beaches and still a semblance of island life, if you look for it.

The Best Beaches: Between the pretty harbour of Limionas and Mastihari is a lovely stretch of deserted beach. To the west of Kefalos is Agios Theologos, which is hard to get to, stunning, and most likely deserted.

Windsurfers should head for the windy west coast — Marmari Beach — said to have the best windsurfing in Europe.

Nude Sunbathing many to select from. Tropical beach on the Southern coast is one of the nicest.

As a visitor in Kos, you will find splendid long seashores. Even in the town areas, there are beautiful beaches that can be easily reached by foot, bike or by the town-bus, which connects the various resorts.


Lambi beach

Located in Kos town stretches from right next the harbor and runs for more than one km. On Lambi you'll find an umbrella and bed to relax, water sports, and a number of restaurants, snack-bars and coffee-shops. This part of the island is one of the more highly developed resort areas.

Approximately 2km east of the town's center is another area with many hotels, and a camping site, named
Psalidi with a nice beach along the road. If you travel further down to the south you will arrive at the pretty beach of Cavo Fokas. Travel on same road approximately 13km from the town, you will find the beatiful beach of Thermes.

TIGAKI 12 kms from the harbour, lies the village of Tigaki, a tourist center with a long sandy beach that generally remains relatively uncrowded. For naturists, the best part of the beach is the west end. Tigaki beach is backed by an area of dunes. It has good sand that runs into the sea and allows one to wade out quiet a long way without going out of one's depth. There is occasionally a slight problem with sea weed but this certainly will not spoil one's vacation. There are no facilities along most of the beach but it's only a short walk back to Tingaki which is quiet a lively resort without being too overwhelming.  Close by you can enjoy a fully functional saltworks.

The coast from Tigaki to Kos-City

This long stretch of coastline tends to be quiet because most young people stay at the beaches around the hotels.  Here you find the Greek families and people that like rest.   The area is wonderful for pure relaxation though you should bring your own umbrella if you need one. 


Kardamena, on the south part of Kos, is the island's second largest tourist resort with a long beach of white sand and crystal clear shallow waters. Located in what once was a fisherman's village, the beach starts from the village's small port and continues for more than 3 kilometers. The farther you go from the port, the less people there are. Walking towards the west you reach Chelona beach (Chelona is the Greek name for turtle).

Tropical Beach - 3 kilometres to the west of the own centre of Kardamena is Tropical beach. The beach itself it very clean and with few rocks make 100% access to the water across the full length. On entering the water there are some sharp stones, but the owner has made provisions by settling filled nylon sandbags into the water to allow easy entrance and exit into the sea.   A single stand shower is provided on the beach which is gravity fed from a tank on the hill behind the beach. This is warm due to the sun heating the tank but not unpleasant.   This is one of the best beaches on the island for access, thoughtfulness, friendliness and cleanliness.

Tropical Beach has showers, refreshments, and umbrellas and beds.  The beach can be reached by the main westerly road from Kardamena and takes about 10 minutes by bicycle.   You can get drinks but not food at the bar. 

You pass the Agean Beach complex on your right on the road from Kardamena town. Approx 500 yds on is a single appartment/house on your left hand side. 50 yds on is a track off the road towards the beach with a sign indicating Tropical beach as the only official naturist beach. Access via the track takes you to the back of the beach. You can park cars/bikes, etc. in the shade of the trees which run at the rear of the beach.


Near the far southwest end of the island, close to the village of
Kamari begins a beach that runs five kilometers east,virtually without interruption, passing the tiny Kastri islet and the remains of a fifth century basilica, at Ayios Stefanos, to the cliff-framed and aptly named Paradise beach.

Paradise/Sunny/Magic/Exotic/Polemi are one 6 km stretch of coastline starting at Paradise in the south-west. The various names are given to the various access points where there are facilities. The most north-easterly access point is about 3 kilometres before Paradise beach and is signed to Magic and Exotic beaches. To the north-east of these the beach, at least 2km, is usually very quiet.

Sunny  beach is situated on the road from Kardamena to Kefalos, just 2 kilometres before Paradise beach. The beach is 2 kilometres long and 50 metres wide, and because there are now hotels it is not very crowded. At the east side of the beach almost everybody suns nude.

On the way to Paradise Beach you will reach MAGIC BEACH, a wonderful beach with some umbrellas and a small taverna only with cold drinks and sandwiches. Magic Beach is one of the nicest beaches on the iSland. The taverna does sell food but only sandwiches. The left side of the beach generally hi home to nude sunbathers.

Polemi beach is another beach near Paradise Beach.  There is a small taverna and some sun umbrelas. Polemi is a beautiful sandy beach with nice clear blue water.  To get there, take the main road from Kos to Kefalos.  Three kilometres before Paradise beach you will find a track that says Magic beach or Polemi beach.  As you leave the coast road you will travel down a very stony wide track and at the bottom you will find room to park your car. 

Camel beach  Just north of Kefalos signposted as Camel from the main road. The access rode to Camel beach is rather steep. The sand here is also very nice and the water is clear.

Note; the water is much calmer and much colder on the South of the Island. 


30 km from Kos, near the airport, sits the small seaside hamlet of Mastichari and its excellent sandy beach. From here you can visit by boat the idyllic islet of Pserimos.


Wave Beach / Sunset Beach Located near Agios Theologos south of Limnionas, west of Kefalos.  You have to drive through Kefalos to get here. It is a wild and empty area on the extreme west coast, and contains a series of small beaches and little coves stretching several kilometres. There are no facilities except a taverna on the cliff behind the main beach. Agio Theologos is reached from Kefalos taking the westerly road out of the village past the cemetery.  Agio Theologos is an organized, long sandy beach, 38 km west of Kos.