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Mauna Kea Beach

Mauna Kea Beach

Mauna Kea Beach is situated towards the northwestern tip of the Big Island. Isolated from many of the commercial areas, this beach is perfect for those who want to experience their own piece of paradise while vacationing on the Big Island.

Because there is a private property preventing this beach from being accessible by foot, visitors will have to drive here. Despite this detail, visitors will find that the beach is spectacular. Never crowded, this protected bay offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and island greenery. After a short hike from the parking lot, visitors will be welcome by the great expanse of ocean. The sand under the waves makes it safe and easy for kids to explore the waters. It also makes the waters excellent for snorkeling. The gentle waves that buffet the coast also make this site an easy body-surfing site for those who are just beginning to learn. This beach is calming and relaxing with the small crowds and gentle surf.

Mauna Kea Beach is the perfect destination for those who want to have a quiet and pleasant day under the Hawaiian sun.

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