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Mahukona BeachMahukona [mah-hoo-KOH-nah] North Kohala District

Once the main port for the giant Kohala sugar plantations, this secluded park has rustic facilities and a rocky, lava beach with the only good water access being from a large, adjacent boat ramp. This isn't the kind of beach most people seek when vacationing in Hawaii though there are some worthwhile reasons to visit.

During summer months, ocean conditions are usually calm and the water clear, making it good for diving and snorkeling. High surf in the winter months makes this secluded beach less than perfect for water activities. For swimmers, the area can be quite dangerous but is an excellent place for watching humpbacks who usually arrive in December. The whales often come very close to shore, making it one of the best spots on the island to observe them. From the park, you can also enjoy impressive views of Maui and the Big Island’s three mountain peaks.

Mahukona is an excellent dive spot for those who have a few dives under their belt. The entry is very easy, and there is a hot water shower to warm you up after your dive. Upon entering and exiting the water there might be a slight current coming in and out of the harbor, but once you get by, the wreck and plant, fish and coral life is incredible. The park tends to be a popular hangout for local residents on weekends, so get there early in the morning to do your dives.

The Lapakahi State Historical Park is a short walk South. This historical Park offers lessons in Hawaiian history and archaeology as well as a good marine preserve to explore.

Camping is allowed and there are restrooms and showers though the water is not suitable for drinking. The camp itself can get quite crowded and reports are that some of the campers are a bit shady and seem to have been there quite a long time. Barbeque pits are located throughout the park and bathrooms with showers are part of the pavilion.

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Beach Highlights & Activities
Restrooms & showers
Picnic tables
Camping (by permit)    
Scuba diving
Whale watching

Located on the North West tip of Hawaii on the North Kohala Coast on Highway 270 about 13 miles from the junction of 270 and 19.

Bring a picnic and watch the whales.