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Hapuna Beach State Park

Hapuna Beach

The Big Island of Hawaii is so young that hard lava makes up most of its coastline and white-sand beaches are the exception. The beautiful white, coral, sand beach at Hapuna Beach State Park stands in sharp contrast to the black hardened lava that flanks its pristine, sweeping, half mile sandy coastline. This broad sand beach with views of Maui is perhaps the best beach on the island for ease of access and soft, white sand.

Located on the Big Island's spectacular Kohala coast, Hapuna's white sands and beautiful waters have earned it a reputation as one of Hawaii's finest beaches. There is very little rain here, about 6" per year, so this beach has practically guaranteed great weather.

Its beauty attracts locals and tourists alike. As the day progresses, the number of people and related activities on the beach increase. Weekends are crowded so either get here early or visit during the week.

Depending on the time of the year, the beach is great for body surfing, surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing or just hanging out. Sunsets at Hapuna are incredible and Maui can be seen 35 miles away. When here, lie on your back in the warm ocean, and look up at 13,000 ft. snow-capped Mauna Kea.

Hapuna is a winter break beach. During the winter the surf and shore break can easily be over six to eight feet. High winter surf prohibits snorkeling, but during summer months, snorkeling along the south (left) side of the bay is decent. When the waters are calm, visibility can exceed 50 feet. During the winter months the surf can rise or fall in a matter of hours. During big wave days, the pounding shorebreak and powerful rip currents make swimming very difficult and snorkeling impossible.

The facilities at Hapuna Beach range from very good at the state park to excellent at the luxurious Hapuna Prince Hotel, tucked in at the northern end of the beach. Showers, restrooms, grassy areas, palms trees, and a small hot dog and cold drink stand make this an easy beach to visit.

There is always a lifeguard stationed here, plus shade trees, picnic pavilions and concessions. You can rent snorkels and boogie boards. There are camp shelters for rent (check with Park Service for reservations) or you can treat yourself and stay at the Hapuna Prince Hotel. Click here, for more information.

Activities & Beach Highlights

Enjoy land-based activities on the flat, hard-packed beach
Visit the Westin Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel
Watch the Sunset
During summer months snorkel or scuba dive in the crystal clear waters
Winter months are great for surfing, body surfing and boogie boarding
The Average daily high temperature during the winter months is around 80 degrees and during summer months around 87 degrees. 6 inches of annual rain almost insures good beach weather.

Located about 30 miles north of Kona on Highway 19 - you'll see the signs.

Places to Eat

3 Frogs Cafe
A casual dining experience at Hapuna Beach State Park: pictures, menu, specials, and beach photos.

Harry's Snack Bar
Visit Hapuna Harry's Snack Bar where you can rent the beach gear you forgot to bring or grab a bite to eat. (Route 19 north 30.9 miles to left at Hapuna sign, then .6 miles to the parking lot.

Coast Grille at the Westin Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel
A spacious, high-ceiling seafood restaurant has a lanai overlooking the ocean. Oyster lovers should head straight to the oyster bar. When available, the must-try fish here is the delicate farm-raised moi, a fish that in ancient times was enjoyed only by chiefs.