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Cape May New Jersey"The Nation's Oldest Seaside Resort"

The picturesque seaside town of Cape May, known as the nation's oldest seaside resort in the United States, sits at the southernmost tip of the New Jersey Cape May peninsula and is one of the most unique.

A National Historic Landmark, Cape May has over 600 Victorian buildings, little shops, dozens of charming Inns, elegant hotels and wonderful beaches that combine to create an atmosphere of charm and wonder.

If you are looking for a wild time--don't bother visiting Cape May as it is a town known for its aristrocratic serenity and high prices. Cape May is a vacation place to relax and enjoy the historic and nostalgic feeling of the Victorian era. Most of the homes, hotels, shops and other buildings were constructed in the late 1800's at the prime of the Victorian era. Today small gingerbread homes stand next to incredible Victorian showplaces. Cape May is a resort town geared more towards adults than teenagers or young adults.

Cape May is one of the most peaceful and beautiful beach towns in all of New Jersey. The beaches are clean and at night you can hear the waves crashing on the beach from two blocks away. What Cape May lacks - the spirited frenzy of a big time boardwalk can be found at North Wildwood, a couple of parkway exits to the north.

Cape May has the character to remain interesting year after year.

It is an example of living history. You feel like you have gone back in time to the Victorian era, but also have 21st century convenieces.

Best of Cape May
Best View
Cape May Lighthouse
Lighthouse Avenue
Breath taking views of Delaware Bay, Cape May and the Atlantic.

Best Sunset Views
Sunset Beach
Said to have some of the most beautiful sunsets on the East coast of the USA.
Family Vacations - a great atmosphere for a family vacation. The clean beaches are perfect for kids. One problem, many of the hotels do not allow kids.

The Water - Very clean but can be quite cold.

The Sand - Terrific clean sand. The beaches are regularly cleaned and raked. There is a $4/day beach pass.

The Atmosphere - Doesn't get much better than this.

Off the Beach Activities - lots of history, gourmet restaurants, antique stores and house tours.
Downsides: Cape May is expensive & parking can be a problem. On a summer day, when more than 30,000 vacationers have swarmed the town, the competition for beachside spaces is horrible and traffic backs up.