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Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach"Relaxed simplicity and a magnificent natural setting attract visitors all year to Cannon Beach."

Cannon Beach is a small resort town located on Oregon's Northern Coast. Nine inviting miles of wide, walkable beach make it an ideal spot for a beach vacation. The scenic beauty of the area including the offshore seastacks and the mountains in the background create a truly wonderful beach experience.

There is plenty here for everyone, from watching the sea creatures in the tidepools or relaxing on the beach, to exploring the charming galleries, tiny stores and cafes. Cannon Beach is known both for its upscale lodging and restaurants and the natural wonders of nature.

Its a charming little town despite the claims of some that the town has been spoiled by commercialization and has become a tourist attraction ("trap") during the summer. It is true, the traffic at Cannon Beach is awful during the summer months. If you want to avoid the large crowds, visit for a quiet winter, late fall, or early spring getaway. During these times of year, the town is very romantic and beautiful.

When you are there, take a walk along the rocks and discover the craggy formations that result in tide pools that are home hundreds of starfish, anemones, shells, and small crabs. When the tide is out, climb on Haystack Rock. But not very far because seagulls and other birds make thier nests there.

Haystack Rock -- shaped liked a haystack -- is is one of the world’s largest monoliths. 100-feet tall and 200 feet across makes itself the home to many birds, including murres, cormorants and in spring and summer months is the home to tufted puffins.
Ecola Park is the other famous wonder of Cannon Beach. Spectacular views of Cannon Beach, Tillamook Head Lighthouse and a nice mix of cliffs and sandy and rocky beaches create a tempting expedition package. The trails going through Tillamook Head (and which lead to Seaside) begin just above Indian Beach.

The Best of Cannon Beach

Best Restaurant - Let us know what you think?

Worst - can be somewhat pricy and warmer months tend to draw large crowds.

Best Sandcastles - A great sandcastle contest is held every spring! You will be in awe of the creations.

Cannon Beach has it all. Swimming, great shopping, wildlife, a wonderful beach and incredibly beautiful coastline.

Relax and enjoy the true beauty of Oregon's Northern Coast
Ideal for Sandcastles
Watch sea creatures in the tide pools
Stroll the 9 miles of beach
Climb on Haystack when the tides goes out
Great for Flying a Kite     
Many upscale places to stay and restaurants to eat at
A charming town with unique stores and galleries
Somewhat pricy and touristy during summer months