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Mangrove Bay

Sandy's Parish
Mangrove Bay (Mangrove Bay Road)

The most accurate word to describe Mangrove Bay is "picturesque". The mangroves that line the coast, the boats in the bay and the gently curving shoreline give Mangrove Bay a surreal quality that has made it a favorite spot for many a watercolor artist.

Located on the western "hook" of Bermuda's Sandys Parish the quietest of western end of the islands and a great place to ride bikes and only a short distance from the shopping area in Somerset Village, Mangrove Bay is favored by the locals who like to fish, sail and swim here.

Mangrove is a great spot for families. The water is smooth and on most days there are very few waves. The swimming is considered safe, but it's always best to keep an eye on the kids. The beach is fairly quiet during weekdays making it a good place a picnic, some sun and a swim.

Of historical significance, if you can think of history while relaxing, Mangrove Bay was once a favorite unloading anchorage for Bermudian smugglers in the eighteenth century. One thing that hasn't changed since then is that there are no public conveniences available here, however the Somerset Country Squire Inn is just minutes away, as are the shops in Somerset Village.

Somerset Village along Mangrove Bay is a sleepy, laid back little town -- the draw bridge here is reputed to be the narrowest in the world, opening a mere 18 inches so sailboats can pass through.

For a unique diving experience, try helmet diving with Hartley's Under Sea Adventures at Watford Beach between the Dockyard and Somerset. This 3-hour experience will teach you the basics followed by an underwater "walk" of about 30 minutes in 10-12 feet of water.