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Astwood Cove

Astwood Cove Beach and Park

Bermuda’s beaches are soft sand tinted pink by particles of shell. You won’t catch a Bermudian swimming before May 24 (summer’s traditional beginning) and if you are looking for a secluded beach visit Astwood Cove below the towering cliffs at Astwood Park.

Astwood Cove located at the end of a steep and winding road that intersects with South Shore road makes for a perfect beach hideaway. It is a secluded little beach surrounded by giant volcanic rocks. It's still a relatviely secret spot and the place to be when you want to be alone.There is a climb down to the beach, though if you love generally private beaches the walk is well worth it.

Encircled by protective coral reefs, the soft, pink, sandy beach offers endless opportunities for swimming and serene sun bathing.

For an ideal wedding location, the Cliffs at Astwood Park offers an idealic spot for wedding vows with azur ocean and pink beach in the background. The beauty is almost surreal in it's perfection. The large park above the sea is home to many longtails (local sea birds) that will sing sweetly during the cermony :).

When to Visit: Bermuda can be visited year round, but the busiest tourist season is from April through October when the weather is warmest and water temperatures comfortable for swimming and diving. It's also the liveliest time on the island, with plenty of events and entertainment options to keep visitors amused. The winter season is a bit too cool for swimming, and many tourist-related agencies, like diving companies and boat tours, suspend operations for part of the season. January is the quietest month, so if you're more interested in tennis and golf or seeing the island when it's free of large numbers of tourists, this is the time to come. The advantage of visiting during the cooler months is that accommodation prices can be up to 40% lower and you can escape the colder winter of more northern climes. The best conditions for windsurfing also tend to be in winter.