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Atlantic City Beaches

Atlantic City BeachesThe Beaches of ATLANTIC CITY, VENTNOR, MARGATE & LONGPORT

For many years, Atlantic City was America's premier beach resort. That was before there were casinos. It was a time when people came to Atlantic City for the beach. Today, as then, the beach still stretches for miles however a large portion is backed up by casinos and the heavily travelled boardwalk.

The Main Atlantic City beach is a setting to itself. The main beach runs along the boardwalk and the casino strip and is divided every several blocks by huge piers that jut into the ocean. You can stroll along the beach under these piers. The beach is long and flat and there is plenty of room for walking by the surf. Most of the foot traffic comes from the hotels and casinos.

The dozen world-class casinos, plus headline entertainment, good restaurants, long stretches of beach, minor league baseball, a world-famous boardwalk, and the Miss America Pageant, make Atlantic City a feast for the senses from before dawn until well after dark. Large parts of Atlantic City—basically everything outside the casinos—are still derelict and more than a little dangerous. Be careful when exploring the city, and don't wander around after dark.

The Best of Atlantic CityBeach

Best Entertainment - World class casinos, shows, sporting events and restaurants.

Best Restaurant - Let us know what you think?

Worst - the city and boardwalk are somewhat seedy.
 Family Vacations - Atlantic City isn't the best place for a family vacation though kids being kids can still spend hours playing in the sand on the beach or walking along the boardwalk eating ice cream.

The Water - fairly clean.

Non Beach Fun - 24 hours a day. Lots of things to do.

The Sand - The beach istelf has been cleaned up over the past few years and the water quality is much improved as New York has stopped dumping waste into the waters. All in all, though, Atlantic City is a fantastic for the attractions of the casinos and walks along the boardwalk but you'd be much better off visiting some of the other nearby beaches like Ventnor and Margate, that provide for a more enjoyable beach experience.  

Down the beach from Atlantic City, two other beach towns feature oceanfront leisure with upscale boutiques and gourmet restaurants. Ventnor and Margate are a short distance away from Atlantic City with none of the craziness. These areas are primarily residential, so accommodations consist of vacation home rentals, bed-and-breakfasts and some motels.

Immediately south of Atlantic City lies Margate and its suburban streets lined by grand houses, great restaurants, lots of nightclubs, shops and attractions. Margate has been a popular Jersey Shore destination for more than a century. Here you'll find beautiful beaches and lots of things to do.

One of the area’s most well-known attractions is Lucy the Elephant, 9200 Atlantic Avenue, a six-story-high elephant-shaped building that stands alongside the beach in Margate. Originally built as a real estate stunt to attract land buyers to the area in the 1880s, the wood and tin structure has over the years been a beach cottage, hotel and tavern. Though it was nearly torn down in the 1960s, the Margate Civic Association rescued it and restored it to its former glory. Today, visitors can climb to the top and view the surrounding area from the howdah perched upon the beast’s back.

Margate tends to attract a younger and flashier crows than Atlantic City. The beaches are cleaner and the beach draws huge crowds during summer weekends. The beach is somewhat narrow and there are limited swimming areas. A side note, no frisbees, ball throwing, snack bars or restrooms. Unlike Atlantic City's Main Beach, to visit Marage Beach you will need to buy a beach tag.These are available at city hall, at Washington and Ventnor avenues, and at Senior Citizens Pavilion, Granville Avenue at the beach. Tags are sold on beach during season.

Ventnor City,

Located only 1 mile from Atlantic City, the beach at Ventnor seems to be light years away. With its 1 1/2 mile beach, Ventnor is a relaxing world away from the hussle and bussle of the casinos. The boardwalk in Ventnor connects with Atlantic Citys' and together they run for more than 6 miles and make for great jogging or cycling. Looking up the beach one can see the towering casinos in the distance.

The water in Ventnor is checked and the sand is raked every day. Unlike Atlantic City this is strictly a residential area noted for its wonderful seaside homes. For vacationers there are motels and summer rentals available.

In order to use this beach you will need to buy a beach tag. These tags can be purchased for the day, week, or season from kiosks along the beach or from each town’s city hall. Margate and Ventnor have a shared tag. Ventnor is home to some of the best restaurants in the region.

For surfers, the pier in Ventnor picks up all swells, offering fun rights and lefts on both sides. The north side is an all-day surfing beach during the summer.

The closest bathroom is at city hall or at Ventnor Pier, which is located a few blocks away from the beach. An ice cream guy strolls the beach, but only in summer.

After spending the day relaxing on the quieter and prettier beach of Ventnor City, you may wish to walk a mile to experience the excitement of Atlantic City.

Stroll along the Boardwalk
Walk the long stretch of beach
Huge summer crowds
Surfing in Ventnor
Good restaurants
Headline entertainment
World-class casinos
Visit Lucy the Elephant
Ice Skating