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Arashi Beach

Arashi BeachDazzling blue waters, soft white powder sand, some pebbles and stones, beach huts for shade make for a terrific beach; where one can spread-out,relax and heat up in the sun before cooling off in the calm, blue waters of the Caribbean.

This is a fantastic spot for families as the water is calm and shallow. Snorkelers will greatly appreciate the area, for within swimming distance of shore, is a reef of elkhorn in approximately 20–40 feet of water.

Aside from the beach huts there are no facilities on this beach.

  • Terrific Snorkelling
  • More Relaxation
  • Build a Sand Castle
  • Enjoy the shallow waters of Arashi before heading north on a scenic walk of the islands coast
  • Perfect for families with shallow calm waters and soft white sand
  • Arashi is a good diving spot especially for beginners. Diving dept is about 12 meters
  • Arashi Underwater Park, is another great spot for snorkelers and divers alike.
  • Visit the California LIghthouse at California Point.
  • Around the California Point lighthouse where the Caribbean Sea crashes into the rocks and plashes into dunes and beaches full of driftwood
  • The water on the opposite side of the lighthouse is rough; swimming is not advised.
  • Arashi Beach, a popular dive site with colorful corals and fish species
  • Relaxation