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Nerja Eastern Costa del Sol

Nerja, Eastern Costa del Sol

A relaxed, unhurried town, Nerja sits on soaring cliffs high above the sea at the base of the spectacular Sierra de Almitara mountains. Less developed than Costa del Sol's other resorts, the atmosphere in Nerja is that of time having stood still. The town retains a traditional Spanish charm of white-washed houses, adorned with geraniums, twisting alleyways and cobbled streets. It is also a delightful beach resort, with terrific stores, many wonderful restaurants, fabulous beaches and one of Europe's best climates.

The land around Nerja is reserved for agriculture and the town and its surroundings are kept marvelously green thanks to the abundance of natural springs and wells. The fields are filled with exotic fruits such as chirimoya, avocado, kiwi fruit, figs and bananas and the range of local vegetables is superb. There are many things to do and see in the town.


The name Nerja comes from the Moorish word 'naricha', which means 'rich in water' and the beaches that surround the town are some of the more picturesque and unique on the coast. The most popular beaches are the Playa Burriana to the east, or left from town center, and the Playa Torrecilla to the west

Playa Burriana
From town center, a scenic path winds its way through the rocks bordering the seashore and leads all the way to Burriana beach. The walk takes approximately 20 minutes and the views along it are second to none.

Playa Burriana is the largest beach and most famous beach in the area. It is also the most commercial of all Nerja's beaches. Burriana is a wide beach composed of a mixture of fine sand and pebbles, making it easy to walk on.

Palm umbrellas and sun-beds can be hired here and there are many restaurants and cafes, both on the beach and very close to it. On the beach, plenty of watersports and activities are offered including introductory scuba diving and day cruises along the coast.

Playa Torrecilla
For a quieter scene try Playa Torrecilla. Located at the bottom of town center, Torrecilla has undergone substantial renovation to make the area  wider. The result is the sea is much calmer and an ideal beach for young children as the water is very shallow and the sand soft. You can hire sun-beds and umbrellas.

Playa el Salon
Salon beach is a very pretty bay located to the right of the Balcon de Europa, reached via a windy cobbled walkway, that runs off the Balcon between the hotel and the church. Playa el Salon is one of Nerja’s best-kept secrets. Many regular visitors never find this beach.

Playa El Salon is small, and relatively secluded, with good sand. Sun-beds can be hired and there is a beach bar called the Caballito del Mar that is open most of the year.

Playa Caletilla
Located in-front of the Hotel Europa, Playa Caletilla is a very small beach, with relatively soft sand.

Playa Calahonda
The fishermen’s beach, Playa Calahonda, is situated immediately to the left of the Balcon de Europa. The beach is small, scenic and sheltered from the wind. Although there are rocks on either side, the beach itself is a mixture of small pebbles and soft sand. A restaurant is open during the summer months, and sun-beds and umbrellas can be hired. This is a great beach if you fancy a quick sunbathe or just a beer by the sea.

The beach is reached via a pathway down the left side of the Balcon de Europa. The walk down the pathway is quite steep.

Playazo Beach
Situated to the right of Nerja, and around the corner from Torrecilla beach, Playzo Beach is the longest beach in Nerja. Playazo is also Nerja's most rugged beach..  Flat and almost straight, it is about 2km long, stretching from the east edge of town along to the Marinas de Nerja hotel complex, passing several beach bars along the way. 

While Playzo is a great place for a stroll, the sand is a coarse mixture of small to large pebbles with the fine sandy areas being close to the sea.

Playazo beach is generally less crowded than the other beaches primarily because of the fewer bars and facilities. Facilities on Playzo include beach showers and toilets in the form of portable wooden chalets located more or less at each end. These facilities are only open during summer months.

From the western end, you can easily drive your car right onto Playazo, and along the beach. The track at the Eastern (Nerja) end is a little rough and bumpy. Take a picnic and tables and chairs or settle down near one of the bars though, and you will have a great time.