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Goa Casitas Apparantas Villa at North Goa

Goa Casitas Apparantas Villa at North Goa

Sleeps 7 Fully furnished wheel chair friendly villas and apartments with exquisite furniture, Cable TV, Common clubhouse and lounge area in secure premises No of Bed Rooms – Three and Tw... More info

India takes up much of the southern part of Asia, and takes up a lot of the Asian coastline that borders the Indian Ocean. In addition to the many rivers and streams that flow from the mountains, visitors know they will have tons to choose from for water sports and adventures.

Some popular beaches of India include Anjuna Beach, and Marina Beach. Anjuna Beach is one of the more popular beaches, and a ton of parties are found on its shores. The personality of the beach changes depending on the season, as it can be extremely busy one season, and quiet and tranquil the next. Marina Beach is another great beach, and it is the longest beach in India, and even Asia. Swimming is popular here, although the currents may be too strong at times. Regardless, it is a beautiful beach that any visitor to India should see.

India has many more beaches and water activities to enjoy. The vast expanse of the country also gives it a number of hidden jewels on its shores. Visitors should be ready to go on adventure to make the most out of their India vacation.