South Africa Vacation Rentals (18)

Occupying all of the southern shore of Africa is the country of South Africa. This nation is both wild and cultured, with all kinds of things to do in the city as well as untamed wildlife scattered between its borders.

Water activities here are numerous, as visitors can kite-surf or windsurf anywhere in this country, from the beaches to the man-made dams. A popular place to go for kite-surfing is Cape Town, and here, visitors can find Cape Sports Centre, where lessons for kite-surfing are available. Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape is another place to go kite-surfing, as it has been nicknamed the “Windy City” for the strong winds that make them perfect for this kind of sport. Windsurfing is another sport that can be enjoyed in these same regions.

Surfing is another popular activity here, especially at Jeffreys Bay, and New Pier. There is also a surf school available here for any interested in learning the sport while on vacation. There are many other water activities, such as shark expeditions and deep sea-fishing.

South Africa is a beautiful country that has much to do on water as it does on shore.

South Africa's Most Popular Beaches