Morocco Vacation Rentals

ATLAS villa Beach vacation

ATLAS villa Beach vacation

Sleeps 6 | Daily: 75 € | Weekly: 500 € | Monthly: 1900 € Atlas is a hot family vacation home with 4 rooms, 120 sq metres: 3 sleeping rooms, 2 double beds, 2 single beds, 1 baby bed,1 dining room,loung­e, 1 kitchen, combined toil... More info

Morocco is situated on the northern African coast. This country has all the mystery of the old world, and colorful combinations of cultures on its shore.

There are tons of beaches that Morocco has access to on both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, in fact, each of these coasts have distinctly different personalities. Along the Atlantic Coast there are tons of beaches, and many of them are extremely populated, especially those close to the larger cities. No matter what beach guests choose to visit, there are ton of water activities and sports to enjoy, such as water-skiing and jet-skiing. The waves the number the shore make it perfect windsurfing and kite-surfing. A great place to visit here is Dakla Bay as it has waves that rival some of the best surfing spots in the world

Along the Mediterranean Coast, visitors to this country are more likely to find quieter and more secluded beaches, as many of them are near tiny fishing villages. The white sand beaches on this shore make it a visual feast for the eyes. For many people who visit this shore, sailing is a popular activity to enjoy on these magnificent waters.

Morocco is a perfect place to visit for people who want to experiences a meeting of all kinds of cultures and different beaches that cater to all kinds of guests.